Thank you for all of your kind words.  Your support helps us keep doing what we do best...rescue animals in need!

Message From: LeAnn December 17, 2017
I had rescued a puppy Romeo I am so happy your Organization opened you arms to him I wish I could have done more but I got him out of a bad place I hope he will find a forever home!!!

Message From: Dawn Rettke May 13, 2017
just found this site yesterday. Put in an application for adoption. Last night the most wonderful lady named Cynthia called--we talked "dogs" for about 1/2 hour. She was very supportive in my search for a beagle, looking forward to finding my new fur baby with this rescue's help.

Message From: Melanie Churney January 19, 2017
We adopted Stella ( Suede ) on March 1st 2013. We believed her to be about 10, just wanted to let you guys know 4 years later and she us still going strong. Her vet believes her to be about 8 now. She has brought us so much love and joy. Also a good bit of mischief also. We know that when her time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge we will return to M.A.R. s to find another. Thank you for the wonderful work you all do!

Message From: Sarah January 13, 2017
I adopted Sir Duke about 4 months ago. He has been the biggest blessing to me. My boyfriend has been in the military for 7 years and he served a year overseas. We recently found out Duke was born on Veterans Day. It seemed like pure fate to me... I would recommend this recuse, if it wasn't for them I would have never found my Duke. Thank you all.

Message From: Mary December 28, 2016
Just checking out some of the doggies for a forever home. I really liked all of them, but that pretty collie at the very bottom 3rd one in, is beautiful! You people are wonderful!

Message From: Joy September 19, 2016
Puppy Abby (aka Adeline) joined our family the end of August 2016. She is growing fast, is a fast learner and has become best buds with our mini doxie. Still has not stopped chasing the cat but in time they too will become friends. Thank you MARS for the little cutie, she's a wonderful addition to our family and will be a great dog.

Message From: Joy September 19, 2016
Puppy Abby (aka Adeline) joined our family the end of August 2016. She is growing fast, is a fast learner and has become best buds with our mini doxie. Still has not stopped chasing the cat but in time they too will become friends. Thank you MARS for the little cutie, she's a wonderful addition to our family and will be a great dog.

Message From: (Private) June 30, 2016
We adopted our sweet Danny over two years ago and can't think of the world without him. Thank you for rescuing Danny so he could rescue us in return.

Message From: The Eide's May 18, 2016
Ava (formerly Wendy) adopted in 2009, Emma (2013), and Phoebe (formerly Queen) in 2015 have all brought such joy to our lives and home. Thanks to everyone@ MARS for bringing our beloved furkids into our life!

Message From: Long Family March 29, 2016
Duke (fka Andy) has been with us for 8 years ... He is amazing! Our lives would never have been the same without him! Thank you for being there for him, for us! ❤️

Message From: Joey October 11, 2015
Name: Elian Rescue ID: 6740 We brought this sweet boy home almost 3 years ago, he goes by Chancey and LOVES his forever family! ♡♡♡

Message From: Nicole October 1, 2015
I am hanging out with my dog today. Just thinking about when she joined our family. We had quite a different makeup, no child, no cat, and a different dog. Today, Gladys' name is Sissy. There is a little girl who adores her. A cat who stalks her. Her canine sister has passed on, with much sadness, but the family prevails and walks together are a thing of chaos and beauty. Thank you MARS for bringing us Gladys April 2, 2008!

Message From: Cindy August 26, 2015
On March 15, 2015, we adopted Little Bitty. He was brought here from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. It was said his previous owners didn't have time for him. The most common story. We believed him to be 10 years old but the vet thinks he is only 7 or 8. He is quiet, sweet and loving. We adore our little boy. We changed the name to Buddy and he loves it. Buddy has become our constant companion. He travels well by car and we just learned he does well in hotel rooms. We could not be happier. Our children moved to London, England so we have a new child in our lives now to bring us daily joy.

Message From: Devon August 18, 2015
My husband and I adopted Belle (formerly Suri) in January 2014 and Opie in October 2014. Belle came to MARS from Arkansas on a transport in the middle of the frigid winter. Belle started out very timid and scared of her new world but eventually learned that we would protect her and always come home again if we left her alone. Belle is still shy and skiddish in new situations but she has come even more out of her shell now that dopey Opie is by her side. They bonded from the very first meeting with Opie's foster mom – a match made in rescue pup heaven! Despite his difficult life before MARS, Opie was quick to trust us and took to my husband immediately. When he’s not wrestling with Belle or chasing her around the yard at full speed, Opie can be found as close to us as possible, curled up or watching us with big curious eyes. We can’t imagine our lives without these two; thank you for all you do for these precious animals!

Message From: Linda August 6, 2015
I was reading about Aristotle, the min pin who was overlooked for 3 months in another shelter. We've owned a couple of min pins, one which we obtained through IMPS: Internet Miniature Pinscher Service. I wonder if you might have more luck finding homes for your min pin rescues through them. Hope this is a helpful suggestion. Both Avery and Aristotle are beautiful dogs! Bless you all for your organization!

Message From: Teresa August 3, 2015
Furkids are my life and if I can help anyway possible I do it...

Message From: Patty July 26, 2015
I Really Want To Help Foster n Give One A Wonderful Home...But It Is So Hard To Choose...

Message From: Synda Nelson July 25, 2015
We adopted Cammie a Border Collie/Boxer mix almost 2 years ago. She was the cutest "little 8 week old puppy. And now she is a beautiful 60 lb bundle of joy! We got her as we felt our other rescue was lonely. Cammie is just the sweetest dog, loves to play and lives attention. And best of all she takes whatever our 3 yr old granddaughter dishes out. She also has a very keen sense of hearing, she hears things long before we ever do. Highly intelligent also. She knows exactly what we tell her and does it. Had to work on walking on leash a bit, but she now walks without constant pulling. We couldn't have asked for a better dog and live her so much. Thank you for all you do!

Message From: christine kikume March 21, 2015
you rock!

Message From: Amy and Dale March 1, 2015
Thank you to everyone at MARS and all those involved in saving our boy from a kill shelter and getting him to our home. Rudy(formerly Butters) is a very sweet boy who wants to hang out with us 24/7. We are still working on some things that we would have expected after so much neglect. Thanks again MARS, Annie, Alisha, Dr Green and staff and anyone else who showed him love and kindness.

Message From: Martha February 21, 2015
I am so thankful for our sweet dog Martha she had a lot of trust issues and had anxiety she was a puppy who was in her previous owners garage until she was given to a humane society were MARS rescued her! She has come along way! It took her almost a year but she is now learning to trust again through our love and care she feels like she is part of our family and she has a special job watching carefully over the babies in my daycare! I can't imagine my life without her! Thank you MARS!

Message From: Karen Seashore/Dan Bratton December 31, 2014
We just donated to support your wonderful services. Kasper, came to us this fall (via Pam Haar, who performed miracles before we acquired him) and had made our lives so much richer. The attention that you gave before and after adoption were amazing. We have recommended you to all of our friends who love animals.

Message From: jody December 4, 2014
i just checked out stark and his bros, they are adorable. i would adopt stark in a heartbeat if he wasn't so far away from me here in iowa..i hope he finds a forever home very soon.

Message From: Lois & Jim Nason November 13, 2014
We adopted a beautiful brindle Boxer called Hattie from you two years ago, she was a backyard breeder that had been dropped off at a shelter in Missouri; she was very thin when we got her. Since then she has gained 20 pounds; we renamed her, Rayna. We just wanted to thank everyone there for the care she received while she was there, especially, Christina Smithers. Rayna is a wonderful girl, gets along great with her Boxer sister, Leila, and our cat, Rajah. She's so loving and sweet, and makes us smile every day. I would like to send a picture but don't know how.

Message From: Hannah September 26, 2014
It's been about 2 and 1/2 months since I adopted Lulu (Unity) and she is the sweetest little thing in the world! So shy and quiet around new people but when she's with me and my boyfriend she is so happy and energetic! Goes absolutely crazy when I come home and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

Message From: Deb Bacigalupo August 31, 2014
I helped transport Frick & Frack yesterday. Everyone fell in love with them. Looking forward to seeing them with their new wheels!

Message From: josh June 9, 2014
I has been almost a year since Beckett (now Leroy Pupperman Brown), joined our family. He is the most wonderful dog. He loves everyone and everything. He really enjoys his time "patrolling" the backyard. Thank you MARS for such a wonderful dog. And by the way, we will be submitting another application for pup #2

Message From: Angie May 22, 2014
We aopted Oscar a few years back and lost him to cancer 2 days ago, his pal Gabbi who we aopted in 2011 is so lost without him, We look forward to adopting another dog from you soon

Message From: Angie May 22, 2014
We have adopted 2 special dogs from you, unfortunately, we lost one of them to cancer recently. Gabbi is lonely without her pal. We are looking forward to adopting another one after our grieving process

Message From: Jeannie May 10, 2014
I live in NY and would like to commend you for work you are doing.

Message From: Deb April 18, 2014
So happy that we adopted Danny ( He's an awesome little dog. Let his foster family know that he's doing great.

Message From: Michelle D. March 19, 2014
Thank you to all of your staff & volunteers for ALL of the hard work you do everyday for the rescued dogs & cats.

Message From: Deb February 24, 2014
It's been almost 3 months since little Gizmo (now Mocha) adopted me. He was a Momma's boy from the moment he got out of the car. This sweet baby has brought so much joy to my life. He is so sweet and so smart. And, yes, he's a spoiled baby. Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers and a special thank you to Stacia, his foster Mom, who took such good care of him. Can't imagine life without him.

Message From: Sherry January 26, 2014
We adopted yesterday and had the best night and morning! I am so happy to save a life. Thank you MARS

Message From: Bonni Eicher November 19, 2013
nissie(Reeses) is very happy with her new and forever home.I have a very loving and constant companion.It`s a love story with a great future! We are happy,happy,happy! thank you MARS,you`ve made my life so much better.

Message From: Jim November 12, 2013
I adopted Zena , She was very afraid of everything and everyone for the first week, and I mean VERY, but now she is very friendly and good with children as We were told she was not, I that You MARS for the wonderful little Girl We have now,, PEACE!!

Message From: Bonni Eicher November 6, 2013
Kim, if you should see this,know that Nissie(now Reeses Pieces) Reese for short because she is sweet and the same color as a reeses.She is doing very well,she`s lost some weight,all these long walks,and is just a joy to have around.She does absolutely nothong wrong!YOU GO REESIE!.I just got a big kiss!

Message From: Bonni Eicher November 6, 2013
I adopted Nissie 3 days ago.Best thing I`ve ever done! She is happy,happy,happy and so am I.What a wonderful dog!

Message From: Tim Brown October 22, 2013
I drive for 'AHeinz57 pet rescue and transport', and just dropped to say Hello and thanks for helping these animals find good homes!!!

Message From: Rachel September 21, 2013
I adopted Gina (now Gabby) in August 2010. She has stolen my heart. I love this little girl so much! When she first came home she was very anxious and had major separation issues. With time and patience, she is now calm and trusting in our return. We can even leave her out of her crate at home for several hours alone! She is such a love and loves to snuggle. She is playful and such a joy. Thank you MARS for helping me find her!

Message From: Teri Haugland September 8, 2013
We adopted Astro about two months ago, I can't imagine life with out him now! He is a whopping five pounds now and getting cuter each day. His best friend is Sherlock kitty, they are two months apart and inseparable. Thanks for everything you do... The Haugland's

Message From: Nicky E. September 4, 2013
We adopted Nomi, now Stormy on Aug. 25 2013. She has been the greatest addition to our family. She is the sweetest, funniest little puppy ever she has such a personality and is so kind with the youngest child to the elderly. Thank you MARS for bringing Stormy into our lives.

Message From: Michelle Carlson August 18, 2013
Just checking in on some of the animals I have transported. Thank you so much for all you do for these babies! Frankie really stole my heart and am glad he has a forever home.

Message From: Teri Haugland August 12, 2013
Just wanted to give you an update on Astro. He is doing great in his new home. He now has a best friend named Sherlock who is a kitten one month older then he is. It has been so much fun for all of us to watch these two play. Astro is a whopping 3.9 lbs now and catching on to potty training quickly. Thanks so much to Midwest and all of its volunteers!

Message From: Teri Haugland August 5, 2013
Adopted Astro last week and our family absolutely loves this little guy. He's very happy in his new home and has a new best friend (sherlock). Just wanted to tell you guys you are awesome and I will be recommending you has often as I can!

Message From: Joan Finley August 4, 2013
I got the pleasure to meet "Tator" formally named Achilles and his new family at Paws on Grand today. Thanks MARS for saving this gorgeous baby. His family so adores him.

Message From: Vicki Wills July 23, 2013
I adopted Eliza a French bulldog now Zoe and would like to thank Mars for their part in her rescue she is just amazing and gets along well with my dog and cat good! Best experience ever for me, I am so happy to have her in my life, she is so much fun! thankyou Mars, I love what you do

Message From: Chuck and Carol Kraus Schlichtmann July 15, 2013
We fostered then immediately adopted Chica, now Laela, June 1st, 2013. She is the sweetest, best behaved, intelligent, most loving dog we could have hoped for! Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt this amazing girl! We love her so much!

Message From: Molly Buckmister/ Michael Elbert and Brekken July 11, 2013
We addopted Charolette...Now Lilly on March 23, 2013 and love every minute this little (not so little anymore) rambunctious girl is in our life!

Message From: Lindsay July 3, 2013
My husband and I adopted Seagan (was Aleisha*) last fall and love her to death. She really wants a friend so we're thinking about fostering. The little beagles you have on your site are adorable! I wish there was a way to "foster for a weekend" to see what having 2 dogs in the home would be like as we know our dog would be the happiest camper! Let me know if you would ever consider this!