Foster Pet Information


Thank you for wanting to help a rescued pet! 

During this unprecedented time, we are so grateful for each offer of support.  Please note:  our staff and volunteers are limited, everything takes a bit longer to get done and we thank you in advance for your patience. We are committed to continue to help animals and having secure foster homes available is key. 

Because we are continuing to get dogs adopted as well as into foster care, we know that our fosters will need to come to the office at one time or another, and we want you all to know we have and are continually putting into place safety protocols, to ensure our fosters, adopters and animals are protected. 

What is provided for fosters?

Supplies are donation based, and available for fosters to use for the duration of fostering.  This includes food, kennels as well as other supplies like bedding, dishes and toys.


Healthcare is covered by MARS at our MARS’ vet in Brooklyn Park for the duration of fostering.  As a foster parent, you are required to bring your foster dog to vet appointments and administer medications as needed. In certain situations an alternative clinic may need to be used, with pre-approval by our clinic manager.

How do I get started?
Fill out an application.   
At this time we are working on getting our Foster Class to be virtual so we can maintain social distancing and still provide you with a comprehensive foster class.  Please watch your emails for updates.  Please sign up for class so we can make sure to get you those updates.

Complete a Foster Application.  Once your application is approved, someone from our Foster Team will be in contact with you to get you started on your fostering journey.  You are the reason we can continue to help dogs even in this crisis situation!  We THANK YOU!