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Britain needs a caretaker or foster!
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Adoption Fee $375 plus tax
Name: Britain
Rescue ID: 18845
Status: Adopted!
Species: Dog
Breed: Boxer / Mixed
Learn more about the Boxer.
Sex: Female
General Potential Size: Large
Current Age: 6 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
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Britain's baby boy, Brighton (adopted) can also be seen on our website.

Hi world, meet Britain!

We’ve had over a dozen fosters this year, and Britain (aka Luna, her former name) is one of the sweetest! She is a mellow, gentle, laid-back soul. She’s very “low maintenance”. There are so many benefits to having an older dog, and she perfectly displays why! She very quickly goes to the bathroom once outside, hasn’t had any accidents, and only requires a short walk or two (if that)—she is fine with whatever fits your schedule!


We’ve been calling her Luna, because she seems to know that name and answer to it. Her nickname is “Loons”…so very fitting for Minnesota…maybe she’s the state dog??


Luna has fit in well in our home. When she arrived, she was extremely sad because she was separated from her three beautiful babies. They were on the transport from Texas together but in separate crates. As a Mommy of two “baby humans”, my heart hurts for what she’s been through—I just can’t imagine how difficult that would be! We suspect she has probably had a few liters of puppies and of course, each time they have been quickly adopted and taken from her. As a result, she has some separation anxiety because she’s so used to her loved ones leaving her. She quickly latched onto me (her foster Mommy) and cries/whines when I leave or am out of her sight. We have been working on this by short periods of separation/”exposure” to her fears and she has made significant progress over the past two weeks. However, she will need a really patient home that can continue to work with her. I’d love to see her in a home with a person/people who will remain mostly at home after our “post-Covid” world normalizes a bit. She wouldn’t do well if left alone for long periods of time.  She is a lover and just wants to be with the person/people she is attached to. 


For the reasons above, we think Luna would do really well in a home with another friendly, mellow dog companion. That way, if the humans were to leave, she would still have company (and someone to show her the ropes!). I think she might be agitated by a super high-energy dog who doesn’t respect her space, so a respectful and/or maybe older dog would be a great match. We could also see her taking a smaller-breed dog under her “wing” (like one of her “babies”….so sweet!!). If you are looking for another dog to round out your family, Luna is a great consideration! She absolutely loves pretty much any human she meets, and greets them with a happy, wagging tail and excitement.


We have two young daughters under five, and Luna has been great with them. She very peacefully co-exists and can tolerate most of their shenanigans. However, she can get crabby and growl when bothered while napping. (We think maybe she had some kind of past trauma while sleeping…so sad.) These reactions have been VERY few & far between—only two small instances in several weeks. And she is very tolerant while awake. But, given the fact that a lot of younger children can’t always proactively read a dog’s body language (and an adult isn’t always around to intervene), we’d recommend she be placed with children older than about five. I also think that if she had the choice, she’d prefer a more mellow home. 


Luna is incredibly sweet, gentle, loving, easy-going, and mild-mannered. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body—except for very “aggressive” kisses, which she just can’t get enough of! She is a huge smoocher and will lick you like crazy if you let her. She is very responsive to discipline, especially from whichever human she latches onto the most. She even has incredible will power around our kiddos’ snacks.


Luna has a few medical issues which can all be easily remedied. She will respond well to heartworm treatment because it will be easy to keep her activity limited. She needs some dental work, which will help her tremendously. She has spent her whole life taking care of so many puppies, and never really having the time, love, attention, and family that SHE deserves. (Fellow Mommies, can you relate!?!?) Every day I hope that the right person will read this bio and foster and/or adopt her to give her the safety and security she needs. She is such a gem…she is seriously one of the sweetest dogs we’ve had in our home! You will be rewarded with so much love, loyalty, and adoration from this beautiful girl for the rest of her years!



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